The À la Carte Restaurant was located on B Deck aft of the Aft Grand Staircase. The room was quite popular as it allowed the 1st Class passengers the freedom to dine at any time from 8:00am to 11:00pm. The food was not free but at a bit of charge. The restaurant was not managed by the White Star Line, Luigi Gatti ran it as a concession and his staff were not part of the regular crew.

Titanic Honor and Glory - À la Carte Restaurant

Á la Carte Restaurant - Titanic: Honor and Glory videogame

The restaurant was decorated in the Louis XVI style and lit by picture windows. Axminster carpets covered the floors and small tables, which accommodated two to eight people, were set with porcelain plates and lit by crystal lamps. The À la Carte Restaurant provided the most intimate atmosphere on board. In fact, half of the tables in the restaurant catered for two people, whereas very few of such tables were offered in the main dining saloon.

On the night of the sinking, the Wideners, a wealthy couple from Philadelphia, hosted a dinner party at the restaurant in honour of Captain Smith.

The restaurant had its own reception room located next to the aft grand staircase on B Deck. That room was decorated in the Georgian style: armchairs and settees were draped in carmine-coloured silk; and a space was reserved for the orchestra. It allowed passengers to gather together before and after their meals.

Loss during the sinkingEdit

Out of the sixty-nine staff members of the restaurant staff, only Ruth Bowker, Mabel Elvina Martin, and Paul Achille Maurice Germain Maugé survived the sinking.

Wreck Edit

This room was destroyed when the stern began it’s descent to the bottom. The aft end A & B Decks collapsed on top of each other.