A-Deck, also called the Promenade Deck, extended along the entire 546 feet (166 m) length of the superstructure and was the second of ten decks on the Titanic. It had an enclosed Promenade, differentiating her from her sister RMS Olympic. The Promenade was enclosed until it reached mid ships where it was opened. It was reserved exclusively for First Class passengers and contained Luxury State Rooms and some of the legendary luxurious First Class cabins and other areas listed below. It was one of the last decks to flood, not starting to flood until at around 1:55 A.M.

Notable areas[edit | edit source]

Cabins[edit | edit source]

Starboard[edit | edit source]

Port Side corridor on A Deck in Titanic Project on Roblox.

Port[edit | edit source]

At the Aft Grand Staircase[edit | edit source]

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