A-Deck, also called the Promenade Deck, extended along the entire 546 feet (166 m) length of the superstructure and was the second of ten decks on the Titanic. It had an enclosed Promenade, differentiating her from her sister RMS Olympic. The Promenade was enclosed until it reached mid ships where it was opened. It was reserved exclusively for First Class passengers and contained Luxury State Rooms and some of the legendary luxurious First Class cabins and other areas listed below. It was one of the last decks to flood, not starting to flood until at around 1:55 A.M.

Detailed Description of this deck

The next deck below the boat deck was A deck. It extended over a length of about 500 feet. On this deck was a long house extending nearly the whole length of the deck. It was of irregular shape, varying in width from 24 feet to 72 feet.

At the forward end, it contained 34 staterooms and abaft these a number of public rooms, etc., for first-class passengers, including two first-class entrances and stairway, reading room, lounge, and the smoke-room.

Outside the deck house was a promenade for first-class passengers. The forward end of it on both sides of the ship, below the forward group of boats and for a short distance farther aft, was protected against the weather by a steel screen, 192 feet long, with large windows in it.

In addition to the stairway described on the boat deck, there was near the after end of the A deck and immediately forward of the first-class smoke room another first-class entrance, giving access as far down as C deck.

The second-class stairway at the after end of this deck (already described under the boat deck) had no exit on to the A deck. The stewards' staircase opened onto this deck.

Notable areas



Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 7.28.58 PM

Port Side corridor on A Deck in Titanic Project on Roblox.


At the Aft Grand Staircase


Stern: A short portion of the A-deck promenade remains outside the port Palm Court and Veranda Cafe. The bulwark and pillars are twisted slightly to accommodate the twist to aft of the boat deck above.

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