Adāl Naṣr Allāh was a Second Class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking.

She was the daughter of Habib Hakim and his wife Ator Achem (Rose Gresati) from Zahle, Lebanon.

She was newly married to Niqūlā Khalīl Naṣr Allāh and boarded the Titanic with her new husband at Cherbourg as second class passengers. She was pregnant at the age of 14 on the Titanic. To reach their destination New York, they bought ticket number 237736 for £30 1s 5d.

In the rushing to and fro which followed the Titanic's collision with the iceberg Mrs. Naṣr Allāh was torn from the arms of her husband and lifted into the lifeboat where Mrs. Madeleine Astor was in too. The two women huddled together for warmth during the hours before they were picked up by the rescue liner RMS Carpathia. Mrs. Astor tried to speak to the Syrian girl, but her language was incomprehensible to the grieving girl.

Mrs Naṣr Allāh survived the sinking, whereas her husband did not. To the Immigration Officer she gave her destination as Cleveland, Ohio, but unknown address. This was given in the Senate's list as 652 Bolivia Road.

She wrote a letter to Madeleine Astor, who she befriended in lifeboat 4.

Dear Mrs. Astor. I sat in the same boat which saved you when the Titanic went down. I also will soon have a baby. My husband, Nicholas, was drowned. All our money and things went down with him.....I am twenty-one. I married Nicholas nearly three years ago. He used to have a tannery in Brazil. We were returning to the old country and had got as far as France when we learned that Turkey and Italy were fighting. We started back for New York on the Titanic. Alas, that we did. This is all that is necessary to let you know. Hoping you will live forever in my (illegible). ADELE NASRALLAH.

Her little boy was born on December 9th, 1912 but died hours later.

She later remarried to Albert A. Shamaley who was born May 15th, 1884.

Adāl and Albert moved to El Paso, Texas in 1917 and in 1922 Albert Shamaley established Shamaley Co., an office equipment firm of which he later became vice president, growing to employ some twenty people. In America, Adāl became known as Adele.

Albert died in a car accident in August of 1969.

She died in El Paso Texas on January 20th, 1970. She was survived by her four children and her sister Mary and brother Richard who had also emigrated to America.

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