Alice Catherine Cleaver (July 5th, 1889 - November 1st, 1984) was a First Class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking.

Biography Edit

She was the daughter of Joseph Cleaver (Postman) and Lavinia Alice Cleaver (née Thomas). At the time of her birth, the family lived at 42 Marquis Road, Pancras.

While she was still in her teens Alice started working as a nursemaid to fashionable English families. In 1911 she was working as a nurse maid in the Harley St. home of the Sargeant family.

She was later hired by Montreal millionaires Hudson and Bess Allison as a last minute replacement to look after their baby son, Trevor.

She boarded the Titanic at Southampton in first class under the Allison's ticket (No. 113781).

After the collision on the night of April 14th, 1912; Alice apparently bundled up the infant in her charge and went off to Second Class to round up the rest of the Allison household. Alice boarded lifeboat 11. Bedroom Steward William Faulkner held baby Trevor while Alice got in. Although there is no firm evidence it seems certain that the Allisons were unaware that Cleaver had taken the child off safely.

The next day, Alice Cleaver and Sarah Daniels realized that they, along with Trevor and the cook - Mildred Brown, were the only survivors of their party.

When she arrived in New York with the child, Alice avoided talking to reporters by telling them her name was Jean.

After the sinking, she returned to England and on June 22nd, 1918 she married widower Edward James Williams (born 1891), a clerk (later a surgical appliance manufacturer). They had two daughters. Although she reportedly never talked about the sinking, she is listed as a contributor to Walter Lord's research for A Night to Remember (as Mrs. A. C. Williams).

At the time of Alice's death on November 1st, 1984; she was the last surviving servant passenger of the Titanic.

Portrayals Edit

A Night to Remember (1958) Edit

20200809 195916

A possible appearence of Alice Cleaver in A Night to Remember (1958)

20200809 195857

A possible appearence of Alice Cleaver and Trevor Allison, onboard the Carpathia

Alice Cleaver make a possible appearence in A Night to Remember (1958), portrayed by Diana Blackwood. She's appear in Lifeboat 6, sit next to Margaret Brown and was given a fur shawl by her. As the Titanic goes down, she's stared in horror, holding a baby (probably Trevor Allison). This character may be refer to Alice Cleaver, although in real life Alice and Trevor escaped in Lifeboat 11.

Titanic 1996 Miniseries Edit

20200715 121721

Alice Cleaver in Titanic 1996 Miniseries

20200716 222713

Alice Cleaver with Baby Trevor and Lorraine Allison in Titanic (1996)

Alice Cleaver was portrayed by Felicity Waterman. In this miniseries, Cleaver was portrayed as an emotionally unstable young woman with premonitions of the disaster, who then sees the opportunity to rescue baby Trevor from the sinking ship as a saving grace from her tumultuous past.

Titanic 2012 Miniseries Edit

20200717 015035

Alice Cleaver in Titanic (2012) Miniseries

20200715 121957

Alice Cleaver in Titanic 2012 Miniseries

Alice Cleaver was portrayed by Izabella Urbanowicz. This miniseries also portrayed her unfairly, and was mistaken escaped in Lifeboat 8.
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