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Augustus Henry Aldworth (b. 1877 - April 15th, 1912) was the chauffeur of William E. Carter. He died in the sinking; the Carter family survived.

Early Life[]

He was born in Hendred, Berkshire, England in early 1877, being the son of Boaz Aldworth (b. 1839) and Mary Frewin (b. 1840). His father was a farmer, also from Hendred, whilst his mother was from Oxfordshire.

He had seven known siblings: Edith Eliza (b. 1864), Mary Jane (b. 1865), Walter (b. 1868), Euphimia Elizabeth (b. 1870), Naomi Frewin (b. 1872), Ruth Janet (b. 1875) and Ethel Annie Frewin (b. 1880).

Augustus first appears on the 1881 census living with his family at an unspecified address in East Hendred, Berkshire and by the time of the following census in 1891 the family had moved to Foreman's (?) Lane Cottage in St Giles, Reading. Augustus, aged 14, has already left school and was working as a farm labourer. His father Boaz died before the turn of the new century in 1899 aged 60 and, perhaps around the same time, Augustus left behind his farming career and struck out to work for wealthy families in London. He appears on the 1901 census as a footman in the employ of a wealthy household, Mr Henry G. Thompson and his family, who were then living at 19 Portman Square, Marylebone, London.

Augustus was married in London in 1907 to Eleanor Alice Byford (b. 1882) who hailed from Enfield, Middlesex. The couple had a daughter, Alice Mary (b. 16 December 1907) later the same year. The family appear on the 1911 census living at 3 Quebec Mews, Parham Square, London and Augustus is described as a domestic chauffeur.

Aboard the Titanic[]

Augustus was employed by the wealthy Carter family of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania as their chauffeur and he boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger, ticket number 248744, which cost £13. The Carters travelled in first class. The Carters' 25 Horsepower Renault automobile was stored in the ship's forward hold and was listed on the cargo manifest.


Whilst the entirety of the Carter family was saved, Augustus Aldworth was lost in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

His estate, worth £1043, 14s was paid to a tool manufacturer named Walter Farrow on 9 June 1913. Walter Farrow (b. 1868) was a London-born man who was married with a family. The relationship between the two men is not known.

Augustus' widow Eleanor was never remarried and in later life lived at 53 Redburn Street in Chelsea. She died on 21 February 1936.

His daughter Alice Mary was married in 1930 to Henry Morrison Blanchard (1906-1969) and they had three children: Beryl, Hilary and Gillian. She died in Ashford, Kent in 1981.

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