Belfast today.

Belfast is a city currently located on the northeastern part of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. It is known as the place where the RMS Titanic was constructed.

RMS TitanicEdit

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Titanic sets sail from Belfast (April 2nd, 1912)

On July 29th, 1908, White Star Line approved the design for RMS Titanic. Eight months and two days passed until the keel of Titanic was laid. The construction was going on and on, when, on May 31st, 1911, Titanic's hull was successfully launched. In next 7 months, the ship's look changed crucially; sixteen wooden lifeboats were fitted to the Titanic ― 8 on each side. Four more collapsible lifeboats were fitted. Fitting concluded by March 31st, 1912, when Titanic was ready. On April 2nd, at 6 A.M. (GMT) she set sail to Southampton.

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