Bentley Harold Neal was an assistant baker of the Titanic. He survived the sinking in lifeboat 13.

He was born in Portsea Island, Hampshire, the son of Rev Bentley Neal (1860-1931) and Alice Jane Munson (1865 – 1944).

Neal's father was the Pastor of East End Congregational Church, near Lymington, Hampshire.

On April 24th, 1911 he married Louisa Ellen White (1885 – 1960).

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 4 April 1912, he signed as H. Neal and gave his address as 13 Cliff Road, (Southampton). His last ship had been the SS New York. As an assistant baker he received monthly wages of £4 10.

After the ship collided with the iceberg, Chief Baker Joughin ordered him and the 12 other bakers to get provisions to the lifeboats. They took all spare breads from the larder and trooped to the Boat Deck, with each of them carrying 4 loaves of bread.

Neal was rescued, probably in lifeboat 13.

He returned to work for the White Star Line but reportedly retired from the sea following another collision aboard the RMS Olympic.

He then worked for over 30 years at Jose's Bakery, Old Milton Road, New Milton, Hampshire. The family lived at 7 Gore Road New Milton, Hampshire.

He died in the New Forest area in 1950.

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