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What have I done? This is a cruel joke... to left our life in Dorchester... for this!

—"Black" Billy Jack

"Black" Billy Jack is a secondary character in the 1996 Miniseries Titanic. He was the husband of Clarinda Jack and traveled on the Titanic with his wife, his four children, and Aase Ludvigsen as third class passengers. He was portrayed by Eric Keenleyside.

Role in the film[]

The Jack family looking for their cabin

I be a blacksmith, sir... that's where my nickname comes from... not from my nature.

—"Black" Billy Jack to Simon Doonan

He first appeared on the day of departure, he and his family were looking for their cabin. He told Simon Doonan that he got the nickname "Black" because he was a blacksmith.

"Black" Billy Jack inviting Jamie Perse to join the party

Come on boy! No shame in having some joy!

—"Black" Billy Jack to Jamie Perse

During the third class party, he talks with Jamie Perse, he advised Jamie to get married and start his own family. He also invited Jamie not to be ashamed to join the dance with his family.

When Titanic sank, he advised the Irish Bunkmate to remain calm and wait, then asked Clarinda to play piano music to calm the passengers. Jamie Perse arrived and told him and his family to come with him to the boat deck.

"Black" Billy Jack begging the Crewman At Steerage Gate (from 1996 Miniseries) to open the gate

That's all for now!"
"No! Let them through! He's got a children, the kids are safer on the boat!"
"Let my wife through! And my children!

Crewman, Jamie Perse and "Black" Billy Jack

When they reached the third class main gate, they were prevented from leaving by a crew while Jamie and Aase managed to escape. Jamie promises her to find a way to get them out of there. Jamie did not return even while all the boats had been launched. He and the Irish Bunkmate were forced to break the gate and rush to the boat deck.

Clarinda Jack comforting "Black" Billy Jack

Papa, where's our boat?"
"We'll ask them enough anything now, won't we?

Perry Jack and "Black" Billy Jack

When they reached the boat deck, they were all surprised to see that there were no more lifeboats left. Perry Jack asked him; "Papa, where's our boat?", He was speechless. His resigned wife comforted him and told him that she loved him. He and his family sat on one of the benches and recited the Lord's prayer. The six of them died together.