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Thomas Andrews' cabin from the upcoming game, Titanic: Honor and Glory

Cabin A-36 was a First Class cabin located on the A Deck landing of the Aft Grand Staircase. Thomas Andrews, Titanic's designer, occupied it for the maiden voyage. The stateroom was fitted out in the Harland and Wolff bedroom B style, which is often referred to as the "Modern style". A-36 and A-37 were the only two staterooms on A-deck to be fitted out in a period style.


This cabin is missing from the wreck since it was torn away from the ship and taken by the aft tower. However, a new discovery occurred in August of 2021, in which the remains of his cabin were located on the stern. The discovery was marked by both Parks Stephenson and Bill Sauder.[1] It must be noted, that the discovery is on the washroom only, while the rest of the cabin was destroyed as noted above.[1]