The Café Parisien was a Parisian-style cafe and a new feature on the RMS Titanic. It was located on B Deck starboard just off the Aft Grand Staircase, It was promoted as a replica of a Parisian sidewalk café; painted in white and trellises with live English Ivy and a long green carpet that ran the length of the room. It was designed to occupy a part of the space which on the Olympic served as a rarely used B-Deck promenade. Located on the starboard side, the café was connected to the À la Carte Restaurant.

Like the restaurant, the Café Parisien was open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and shared the same menu and servers. The café was furnished with wicker tables and chairs, accommodating up to 68 passengers, and was decorated in ivy-covered trellises and other climbing plants. There was a tiered buffet stand in the center of the room and sideboards were sited at each end of the room containing the china service. The Café Parisien was most popular among young adults.

The Café Parisien was a place where friends could meet for conversation with drinks (coffee or a little something stronger) and light refreshments.

The Café Parisien was the first of its kind on any British passenger liner. On the RMS Olympic, this spot was part of the First Class Promenade which ran the full length on both sides of B Deck. It was later installed on the RMS Olympic and privacy screens were added and double doors added as well, making it enclosed. On April 14th, the night Titanic struck the iceberg, the menu included oysters, salmon, roast duckling, sirloin of beef, pate de foie gras, peaches in Chartreuse jelly and chocolate and vanilla éclairs.

RMS Olympic Edit

When the ship was launched, the cafe didn’t exist. However, the cafe was added to the ship following the Titanic disaster. However, with the cafe installed, the 2nd class lost promenade space

HMHS/RMS Britannic Edit

The cafe area was given to an extended restaurant and a reception room for the restaurant.

Wreck Edit

The Café Parisien and the starboard side of the A la carte Restaurant has collapsed.

TH&G - Café Parisien (2018)

Titanic: Honor and Glory Café Parisien

Café Parisien THG 2018
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