Mr Charles Hallace Romaine was a First Class passenger of the Titanic. He survived the sinking.

He was born in Georgetown, Kentucky on July 11th, 1866 the son of William H. Romaine (b. 15 March 1825; d. 20 January 1867) and Jailey Lydia Secrist (b. 5 May 1827; d. 13 April 1911).

According to his obituary he spent his youth in Kentucky and Ohio and came to Anderson, Indiana in 1892, where he was associated with George Simmons in the Doxey hotel. From there he went to London, where he spent several years as the managing director of the Throg-Morton Trust company.

Romaine boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a first class passenger. He is remembered as one of several passengers engaged in gambling on the Titanic, he used several aliases including Harry Romine but chose Mr C. Rolmane for this trip. He would later claim to have heard passengers on say they had seen icebergs near the ship just a short time before the collision.

Romaine was rescued, possibly in lifeboat 9.

Between 1916 and 1920, he returned to live in New York, where he engaged in a banking business before retiring. He resided at 315 W. 98th St. He was killed after being hit by a taxi cab on January 18th, 1922. He and his wife "Doll" are buried in Anderson, Indiana.

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