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The Cherub Man is a prominent extra in the 1997 film Titanic. He first appears in the background during the scene where Benjamin Guggenheim says his famous line. He then gains focus when the Grand Staircase floods, whereupon he holds to the cherub and screams. He is played by an uncredited actor.


Aboard the Titanic[]

Very little is known about him. It is likely that he was a second or third class passenger who boarded the Titanic in Southampton.


The Cherub Man holds onto the Grand Staircase's cherub

When the Titanic sank, he probably got lost in the first class area and tried to get to the boat deck via the Grand Staircase, but the door was locked. He tried to keep above the water by holding onto the cherub until his death. He climbs up faster but the water rises fast with him. He finally is able to stand on the platform and holds on. In the behind the scenes footage of the staircase flooding, he is seen still holding on until the cherub submerges. He swims to the stairs, but the dome collapses on top of him, crushing him, the staircase, and everyone.


The Cherub Man has dark brown hair, fair skin, a black button up coat, and navy blue trousers.


  • In the extended footage he climbs and sits on the cherub stand with his feet in the water before climbing up it completely.
  • In the original script his role was taken over by J.J. Astor