Screenshot of Collapsible A from A Night to Remember (1958)

Collapsible A was one of the four collapsible boats of the RMS Titanic that was placed starboard and had a maximum capacity of 47. The boat was never launched, when the crew tried to fasten it to the davits the Boat Deck started to flood and the boat drifted off the Titanic. Many people tried to climb on it to get out of the icy water, but only 13 of 17-20 people who climbed in it survived the night.

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After boat C had been lowered from the starboard side, the crew tried to fasten boat A to the davits when it was washed off Titanic at 2:14 am. The boat was washed over the side of the ship and in the chaos, the canvas sides had not been put up, so it was soon awash with icy seawater, half-submerged and dangerously overloaded. around 17 to 20 people started climbing into it from the water, but only 13 of them survived the night. The boat was partially filled with the icy water.

Several people including first class passenger Thomson Beattie and Edith Corse Evans, the third class passengers Arthur O'Keefe, Edvard Lindell and Gerda Lindell and a couple of firemen died of hypothermia or fell back into the sea.

After hours of suffering, the survivors were rescued by boat 14, Rhoda Abbott being the only female. Three bodies were left in Collapsible A, which was allowed to drift off.

The boat was recovered a month later by the Oceanic, another White Star Line ship.

Passengers[edit | edit source]

  1. Rhoda Mary Abbott
  2. Olaus Abelseth
  3. Edward Brown
  4. Carl Olof Jansson
  5. Oscar Wilhelm Johansson
  6. William Lucas
  7. William McIntyre
  8. William John Mellors
  9. George Rheims
  10. John Thompson
  11. Augustus Henry Weikman
  12. August Wennerström
  13. Richard Norris Williams

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