"Hey, but i am crew!" - His only, and deleted line.
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Background Edit

We don't know much, except he is around Spicer Lovejoy's age. 1850s-60s to 1912.

Several stewards were present at the floating off of Collapsible Lifeboat A in the 1997 Film Titanic. Those included the Hold Stewards and a bleeding guy, but also a more important extra who didn't appear earlier.

Preparing the boatEdit

When collapsible lifeboat A is thrown from the roof of the officer's quarters to the Boat Deck, First Officer Murdoch shouts orders to prepare the boat for launching, while the steward starts emptying the boat of some trash that ended up there. Several seamen and the steward are preparing the boat for launching when Murdoch shoots 2 men and himself.

Soon after, the boat is attached to the falls, but it's still lying on the deck. Cal manages to get himself a place on board, and the steward tries to keep things ordered. Suddenly, Chief Officer Wilde realizes there is no time and orders to cut the falls and float off the lifeboat. The steward is seen doing so when the band is playing "Nearer My God To Thee".

After the song, the water starts to flood the deck. Cal is on board, but the steward is not, because a deleted scene had Cal saying "Sir, i am a first class passenger! You don't even have a tie!". He is forced to move aft by the water, and cal. When we see Jack and Rose at the stern, he made it!

He died as he was at the stern, where not really anyone survived. Nobody in his age group was one of the six picked up there.

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