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Collapsible B was one of the four collapsible boats of the RMS Titanic that was placed at the port. The boat was never launched from the deck, when the crew tried to fasten it to the davits, it fell from the roof of the officers' quarters and fell upside-down to the boat deck. Around 30 men climbed onto the boat, including wireless operator Harold Bride and second officer Charles Lightoller.


By 2:10 am the crew was struggling to retrieve Collapsible Boats A and B from their places of storage on the roof of the officers' quarters. They rigged up makeshift ramps from oars and spars down which they slid the boats onto the Boat Deck. Unfortunately, the boat broke through the ramp and landed on the deck upside-down, shortly before the sea washed over that area. There was no time to turn the boat, so the bystanders (mostly crew members, including Second Officer Lightoller) climbed on it. Wireless operator Harold Bride got trapped in the air bag under the lifeboat. He swam back up and mounted the hull.

When the angle of the Titanic increased, it caused the stays supporting the forward funnel to snap. This led to collapsible B being washed away from the ship. It is unsure how many people were on the boat, but it is estimated around 30 passengers, but mostly crewmen. From this initial amount, at least three members didn't survive the night. It seems likely about 25 people were rescued from boat B when the crew of boats 4 and 12 heard officer Lightoller's whistle calling for them and they subsequently came over and collected those on it.


  1. Ernest Frederick Allen
  2. Algernon Henry Barkworth
  3. Harold Bride
  4. Eugene Patrick Daly
  5. Sid Daniels
  6. Edward Arthur Dorking
  7. Cecil Fitzpatrick
  8. Archibald Gracie
  9. William Albert Thomas Hebb
  10. Walter Hurst
  11. Charles John Joughin
  12. Charles Edward Judd
  13. Charles Herbert Lightoller (took charge when he arrived)
  14. William Charles Lindsay
  15. Isaac Hiram Maynard
  16. James McGann
  17. Albert Johan Moss
  18. Patrick O'Keefe
  19. George Alexander Prangnell
  20. Eustace Philip Snow
  21. Victor Francis Sunderland
  22. Harry Senior
  23. Jack Thayer
  24. Thomas Arthur Whiteley


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