Lifeboats D & 14

Boat D (two crosses) being towed by Lifeboat 14 (one cross)

Collapsible lifeboat D was the ninth and last boat to be lowered from the port side. Second Officer Lightoller had managed to fit the collapsible boat into the now-empty davits of boat 2. He tried to find women to fill it with, but had trouble in finding any. Finally, he said, he managed to fill the boat with 15-20 people, all it would hold. Mrs. Harris, a first class passenger, thought there were 19 people in it, others estimated up to 30 and seaman Lucas thought there were 44 in it. Estimates vary quite a bit, thus. There is a photograph of the boat approaching the Carpathia, and there are about 30 people visible; including about ten received from boat 14 earlier in the night and also Mr. Björnström and Mr. Woolner, who jumped into the boat from a lower deck as well as Frederick Hoyt, who had escorted his wife to the craft and then calculated where the boat would row and thought that if he jumped and swam in that direction, they would pick him up. He was right. They did pick him up; the only person rescued from the water by the last boat which rowed away from the ship.
"Mrs. Hoyt gave a concise account of the tragedy to her father. She did not leave her husband's side until the last boat was being lowered and then she was torn from him and thrown into a boat. Mr. Hoyt leaped into the water and seized a piece of wreckage. He was hauled into one of the lifeboats that returned when the Titanic went down. Mrs. Hoyt happened to be in this boat, but she did not know her husband was saved until they got aboard the Carpathia... "
    - The Sun, April 23, 1912

There were probably about 20 or 22 (not quite half-filled) in it when he had been picked up. It is said that the two Navratil children were in this boat.

Based on a lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg


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Collapsible D(left) being loaded on deck, while Boat 4(right) has already been launched.

  1. Erna Alexandra Andersson
  2. Maria Mathilda Backström
  3. Mauritz Hokan Björnström-Steffansson
  4. Arthur John Bright (in charge)
  5. Caroline Lane Brown
  6. Bridget Driscoll
  7. Joseph Pierre Duquemin
  8. Lily May Futrelle
  9. John Hardy
  10. Irene Harris
  11. Frederick Maxfield Hoyt
  12. Jane Anne Hoyt
  13. Annie Jane Jermyn
  14. Michael J. Joseph
  15. Mary Kelly
  16. William Arthur Lucas
  17. Edmond Roger Navratil
  18. Michel Marcel Navratil
  19. Berta Olivia Nilsson
  20. Gertrude Maybelle Thorne
  21. Heidi Schutlz
  22. Hugh Woolner

Popular CultureEdit

1979 FilmEdit

The main characters from third class are seen boarding the lifeboat. Soon after, a mob of passengers, mainly third class men rush to the lifeboat, causing Murdoch to fire his gun in the air to control the crowd. He calls for any more women or children. Afterwards, Bruce Ismay steps into the lifeboat, watched by Captain Smith on the bridge wing.

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Passengers board Collapsible D in S.O.S. Titanic(1979)

1997 FilmEdit

The lifeboat Rose enters in the 1997 film

Shortly after the launching of Collapsible C, Rose reluctantly enters a lifeboat after being persuaded to by Jack & Cal. However, she decides she prefers to stay on board with Jack and jumps back on the sinking Titanic. Fans & Titanic researchers are still discussing if this boat was Collapsible D or Emergency Lifeboat 2.

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Unknown lifeboat

Lifeboat launching sequence

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