Crew quarters

Crew's cabin from Titanic: Honor and Glory

Crew room

Crew dormitory from Titanic: Honor and Glory

The Crew's quarters were on E Deck and they were located along a corridor named Scotland Road. This corridor helped crew members and 3rd class passengers get from one end of the ship to the other.

The crew was jammed into rooms with stacks of births and the stewards dubbed these as "Glory Holes". Certain improvements in these quarters were included on Titanic over those on Olympic by Thomas Andrews, and the crew were grateful for these minor amenities. The stewardesses had a different lot on board. They were berthed in two person cabins scattered about the 1st and 2nd class passenger areas of the ship. There were 18 stewardesses on board and about 150 stewards to see to the passenger's needs.

There were a total of 908 crew members onboard Titanic and 696 of them perished in the sinking

Accommodation was provided for the crew as follows: About 75 of the deck department, including officers and doctors, 320 of the engine room department, including engineers, and 544 of the victualing department, including pursers and leading stewards.

Crew Member distinctionsEdit

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