Evans 2012

David Evans is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. He is played by Mark Lewis Jones.


It is revealed in the third episode that David was a member of the Scots Guards before being injured by a bullet and forced into retirement.


He keeps looking and smiling on another passenger who is reading a book. When latter turns on him, he ask: Travelling alone? Passenger answers: And If I am? Evans told him he just trying make conversation, but passenger avoids him. Evans moves to passenger's table and introduces himself. When Evans says passenger looks familiar to him, the latter angrily says he is not and moves away. [1]

When the ship is sinking, all third class passengers are kept bellow by Stewards. Evans ask if they can't go up, but Steward Turnbull respond to him that all in good time. Steward Hart who wants let passengers out ask Turnbull when will be good time, he not want keep them down for much longer. But Turnbull answers to passengers: Don't worry. There's no danger. Evans ask him if he is sure, but Turnbull assures him: They are on Titanic which is safer than dry land. Evans suggest they take children up, Hart asks Turnbull if they could, but the latter rejects that too: what if a pack of screaming mothers chase after them? Turnbull calms passengers that children will be taken care of, they not must worry about them.

Slowly, the crowd is getting more irritated and the stewards are losing control. Evans has to be held back by a steward. Hart lets the women and young children get through to be taken on deck, but Turnbull quickly cuts off the line. Peter Lubov intervenes, allowing Mary Maloney and her children to escape but Turnbull lockes the gate again. [2]

Evans lures Lubov far away from eye witnesses by saying he found another way up. But Evans has remembered why Lubov seemed familiar. His face was on the wanted posters after the Siege of Sidney Street. Lubov is Peter the Painter. He presses Lubov to the wall and says he's Peter Pietkov, Peter the Painter, Peter the Policemen killer. Lubov reminds him that they are on sinking ship: They have other things to worry about. But Evans will not let it go because he won't, he can't. Lubov is sorry to hear that. Evans is sure that he is. Lubov grabs him and slams him against the wall, breaking his neck.[1]

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