Captain Edward Gifford Crosby was a First Class passenger of the Titanic. He died in the sinking.

Early Life Edit

Crosby was born on 26 October 1847.

He married Catherine Elizabeth Halstead, and the two lived in Muskegon, Michigan before moving to Milwaukee in 1897. In 1903, Crosby founded the Crosby Transportation Company, which by 1910 was operating four steamers out of Milwaukee: Nyack, E. G. Crosby, Conestoga and May Graham.

The Crosbys lived at 474 Marshall Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and they had two children: Fred [1] (who did not travel on the Titanic) and Harriette.

Titanic Edit

Crosby, his wife, and his daughter boarded the Titanic at Southampton as first class passengers (ticket number WE/P 5735, £71). Captain and Mrs Crosby occupied cabin B-22; Harriette was in B-26.

On Sunday 14 April, Edward had retired about 9 p.m. and Catherine about 10:30 p.m. She was awakened by a sort of 'thump'; some time after that Edward dressed and went out to find out what was happening. He came back, a few minutes later, and stated, rather bluntly to his wife, "You will lie there and drown!" He then went to his daughter's cabin and told her the ship had been rather badly damaged. It appears that Crosby then went off again and was not with his wife and daughter when they boarded a port side lifeboat.

Crosby lost his life in the sinking; his body was later recovered by the MacKay Bennett (#269).


CLOTHING - Green tweed suit and overcoat.

EFFECTS - $500; £80 in notes; £6 in gold in purse; 8s. 6d. in silver; pipe; memo book.


Milwaukee, Wis.

The body was delivered to Howard G. Kelley of the V.P., G.T. Railway for transportation back to Milwaukee on 3 May 1912. On 7 May 1912 his funeral was held on one of his two Lake Michigan Steamers and afterwards his body was cremated at Forest Home Cemetery. His cremains were placed in Fairview Mausoleum; later his wife's casket was placed inside the same crypt with his ashes. Their daughter Harriette's remains were later entombed in the same mausoleum, but in another crypt.

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