Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson was a second class passenger of the Titanic. She survived the sinking.

She was born in Manchester, England, the daughter of William H. Wilkinson and Mary Wilkinson, they lived at Moorfield House, Pendlebury, Manchester. She was baptized on 13 Nov 1884 at St. Andrews, Manchester.

In mid 1907 she married a man named Samuel Wilkinson in Salford, Manchester. In 1911 they lived 47 Oldham Road Failsworth (between Oldham and Manchester).

She boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger and the "wife" of Harry Faunthorpe. However, it is thought that she was in fact his mistress. They told fellow passengers they planned to honeymoon in California. They bought ticket number 2926 for £26.

"She was asleep, she says, at the time of the collision, but awakened by the shock. When she rushed upon deck she was ordered into a lifeboat, but feared to trust herself in one of the frail craft. While officers with drawn revolvers issued their orders, one of the men, she says, forced her bodily into the second boat...."
    - The Evening Telegraph, April 26, 1912

Mrs Wilkinson survived the sinking. She was rescued by the Carpathia in lifeboat 16. After arriving in New York, she went to her 'uncle' John M. Devine at 669 Brooklyn Street, Philadelphia.

According to the Red Cross Mr Faunthorpe's body was sent to her after it was recovered and he was buried at Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia on 11 May. Mrs Wilkinson subsequently returned to England and her real husband.

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