Lifeboat 2 was the port emergency cutter of the Titanic and the seventh boat loaded from the port side. Fourth Officer Boxhall was sent in charge of this boat and he had another sailor, a steward and a kitchen hand with him. Eight ladies from first class, including sisters Charlotte Appleton and Malvina Helen Cornell found seats in the boat and six passengers from third class were there as well; Winnie Coutts and her two young sons and the Kink family. In all, there were probably no more than 18 people in it. Boat 2 was the first boat to reach the RMS Carpathia, shortly after 4 o'clock in the morning.

Passengers and crew aboardEdit

  1. Elisabeth Walton Allen
  2. Charlotte Appleton
  3. Joseph Groves Boxhall (in charge)
  4. Malvina Helen Cornell
  5. Neville Leslie Coutts
  6. William Loch Coutts
  7. Winnie Coutts
  8. Mahala Douglas
  9. John Bertie Ellis
  10. James Johnston
  11. Anton Kink
  12. Luise Gretchen Kink-Heilmann
  13. Luise Kink-Heilmann
  14. Emilie Kreuchen
  15. Berthe Leroy
  16. Georgette Alexandra Madill
  17. Frank Osman
  18. Elisabeth Walton Robert

Popular cultureEdit

Emergency Lifeboat 2 was portrayed in a few popular culture items.

A Night To Remember(1958)Edit

The loading of Lifeboat 2 was seen twice in the film. The first is when a couple must separate on deck, and the next is when the gambler gives a letter to a woman being loaded onto the boat.

Titanic: Adventure Out of TimeEdit

Boat 2 in TAOOT

Boats 2 & 4 at about 1:15 AM in TAOOT

When Carlson wakes up at 1:10 AM, Emergency Lifeboat 2 is unguarded. After the first cutscene at 1:20 AM, a seaman has moved on to the site.

"6 and 8 'ave gone, but my orders are to wait on numbers 2 and 4 here."
    - a seaman

If Shailagh Hacker is reunited with her baby, she'll take her in this lifeboat. Lady Georgia will also stand here if she's given the antidote.

After the second cutscene at 1:30 AM, they'll move to boat 4.

Seaman: I'm loadin' no boats now! It'll be Officer Morrow who'll decide who's leavin'.

Carlson: Can I get on a lifeboat?

Seaman: I'm not lowering 2 & 4 until the officer comes down. Talk to Officer Morrow!

Carlson: Can you help me?

Seaman: Help?! Now?! I'm busy! I've got my orders to hold these boats for a few more minutes.

After the third cutscene at 1:45 AM, the seaman is replaced by Officer Morrow.

"These are the last two boats! 2 and 4!"
    - Third Officer Morrow

After the fourth cutscene at 1:55 AM, the boat is launched.

1997 FilmEdit

The lifeboat Rose enters in the 1997 film

Shortly after the launching of Collapsible C, Rose reluctantly enters a lifeboat after being persuaded to by Jack & Cal. However, she decides she prefers to stay on board with Jack and jumps back on the sinking Titanic. Fans & Titanic researchers are still discussing if this boat was Emergency Lifeboat 2 or Collapsible D.

Lifeboat 2 does make an official appearance as the boat rows away from the Titanic's stern as people jump off the stern. And when the boat is good distance away, Boxhall tells the people in the boat:

"Bloody pull faster and pull!"

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Unknown lifeboat

Lifeboat launching sequence

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