This casing starts on the Boat Deck and goes down to the Tank Top level. This provides the Reciprocating Engine Room with ventilation. It was on the aft end of the Boat Deck and was inside the Engineer's promenade.

This was basically a vent that opened up on the Boat Deck. It went all the way down to the engine room

This deckhouse consisted on two tank rooms and a smoke room for the engineers. The top of the deckhouse formed a skylight which could be opened or closed to inclement weather at sea.

The tank rooms acted as portable water storage and it was put on the Boat Deck to maintain pressure on the water systems.

Wreck Edit

The port side of the Boat Deck and this deckhouse was torn away from the ship leaving the starboard side behind. The deckhouse formed what is called the aft tower segment. The segment just consisted of the port side of the deckhouse and the Aft Grand Staircase (Boat-C Decks). It is unknown what happened to the starboard side tank room and engineer smoke room.
RobloxScreenShot20191109 150422945

Engineer Smoke Room from Titanic Project on Roblox

RobloxScreenShot20191109 152156435

Interior view of the deckhouse. From Titanic Project on Roblox

RobloxScreenShot20191109 155013049

The engineer's promenade with the Steward's staircase from Titanic Project on Roblox.

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