Erna Alexandra Andersson was a Third Class passenger of the Titanic, and one out of three people onboard with last name Andersson who weren't part of the large Swedish Andersson family. Erna was Finnish. While she survived the sinking, the entire Andersson family died, and so did Ida Augusta Margareta Andersson and Johan Samuel Andersson.

Erna Andersson came from Kulla Bay, Strömfors (Ruotsinpyhtää), near Lovisa, Southern Finland. She had at least one brother, named Rudolf.

At the age of 17, she boarded the Polaris at Hangö to Hull and then travelled on to Southampton where she boarded the Titanic as a Third Class passenger. She was destined for New York.

Erna was rescued in collapsible D. After her arrival in New York she was quartered in the Union League Home together with Maria Backström.

She stayed in New York and worked as a domestic helper. She visited Finland about 1913 then returned to USA.

Erna Anderson married a Finn by the name of Alfred Johnson on January 29th, 1921 in the Bronx, New York, she was then 25 years old.

The mother was the same as for Rudolf Anderson, who had married in New York City in 1912 (Erna's brother) and who passed away in 1921.

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