F Deck

F Deck was set apart to 12 sections with the water tight doors. It started flooding at around 12:00-12:10am. The Sections below are from bow to stern:

  1. This included the store, firemen's workspace and cargo.
  2. This was more luxurious, as it included boiler casing. the fans,a bunker hatch, and the Squash Raquet Court
  3. This section included more fans, the soiled linen room, and the linen drying room. It also included the Swimming Bath as part of the Turkish Bath complex.
  4. This included the 3rd class stewards rooms, the turkish baths, and boiler casing.
  5. This included the steerage dining saloon
  6. This section has the third class dining room and pantry.
  7. This section has the bakery, bakers and butchers cabins, and the third class gallery.
  8. These sections had engine casing and engineers quarters.
  9. These included No. 5 and 6 hatch.

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