Fabrizio de Rossi
Fabrizio De Rossi is a fictional character from the 1997 film Titanic. He is the tritagonist, portrayed by Danny Nucci.

He wins a third-class ticket (along with a pocket knife which he uses to cut the falls) for the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic from Southampton to New York. He was a close friend of Jack Dawson and Tommy Ryan. During the voyage, he is seen dancing with a blonde girl (called Helga in some deleted scenes).

During the sinking, he tries to find an exit. A shell door is opened, and Fabrizio sees the lifeboats are being launched. Two seamen close the shell door again. Fabrizio and Tommy find themselves trapped behind a Bostwick gate guarded by Steward 3. They are reunited with Jack and find another way out. However, he has to leave Helga behind. They find Steward 2 and smash the Bostwick gate, escaping. Jack & Fabrizio escort Rose into a lifeboat and Fabrizio then goes with Tommy to the starboard side to try to escape. He doesn't know Rose bolts back on board to stay with Jack.

At the starboard side, First Officer Murdoch is preventing anyone from boarding Collapsible A, lying on the deck. When someone pushes Tommy closer to the ship, he is shot dead. Fabrizio is heartbroken over the sudden death of his friend and shouts "Bastardo!" to Murdoch, who then shoots himself. Fabrizio is left without a lifejacket, so he takes the one from Tommy. Just when he has put it on, the deck floods. Thanks to Tommy's lifejacket, Fabrizio can swim away from the ship. But he is sucked back by the flooding of the Grand Staircase and almost sucked inside the ship. He escapes the suction just in time and swims forward. In the original script, he is injured when Caledon Hockley, Rose DeWitt Bukater's former fiancee, in Collapsible A smashes him with an oar, and Fabrizio later dies from his injuries. In the final edit, he dies when a smokestack falls on him.

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