Fang Lang (ca. 1880 - ????) was a Chinese passenger of the Titanic from Hong Kong. He survived the sinking. He was unmarried.

Fang was traveling to New York City with eight colleagues from the Donaldson Line's Anetta. He was a seaman, more specifically, a fireman.

While it has been alleged that some or all were stowaways on the Titanic, in fact all eight boarded the Titanic at Southampton as fare-paying third class passengers. Lee Bing, Chang Chip, Choong Foo, Ling Hee, Ali Lam, Len Lam, Fang Lang and Lee Ling traveled together on the same ticket (ticket number 1601, £56 9s 11d)

Fang Lang was rescued. Encyclopedia Titanica places him in lifeboat 14.

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