The Firemen's Passage (also known as the Firemen's Pipe, or Tunnel) was a tunnel situated on the Tank Top that connected Boiler Room 6 to the berthing and accommodation of the firemen.

The passage is divided into two with railing, two signs, one reading "Way Out This Side" and "Way In This Side" denote that, taking the port side of the tunnel will lead to emerging on the foredeck, and taking the starboard side of the tunnel will only lead to the highest deck of berthing for the firemen, it is to note that both spiral staircases lead to the same decks, just that port side extends to C Deck and therefore, the Foredeck.

A sign that reads "MEN WILL BREAK STEP WHILE IN TUNNEL" telling firemen to walk in a certain way to avoid damaging the structure and making loud noise and/or over cluttering of the tunnel or staircases.

The tunnel terminates in 2 spiral staircases, the use of both has already been described above, it is a common myth that a door exists between the 2 staircases allowing entrance to the hold, such as the one shown in the movie, this is unfortunately not true, as the cargo holds were sealed (with hatches that were bolted and caulked down), and no such door existed, making the first 3 compartments fully watertight.

The Firemen's quarters is beneath the foredeck, above and around the holds, with basic, 3rd class-esk rooms for the firemen of the ship.

Other information Edit

The firemen's passage, giving direct access from their accommodation to the forward boiler room by stairs at the forward end, contained the various pipes and valves connected with the pumping arrangements at the forward end of the ship, and also the steam pipes conveying steam to the windlass gear forward and exhaust steam pipes leading from winches and other deck machinery.

It was made thoroughly water-tight throughout its length, and at its after end was closed by a water-tight vertical sliding door of the same character as other doors on the inner bottom.

Special arrangements were made for pumping this space out, if necessary. The pipes were placed in this tunnel to protect them from possible damage by coal or cargo, and also to facilitate access to them.

The WreckEdit

Unfortunately nothing is left of the Firemen's Passage on the wreck, it was located just fore of the superstructure, this part snapped when the bow of the ship hit the seabed on its descent.

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