Not to be confused with The actual class on board the Titanic.

First Class is the first episode of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. It mainly focuses on the family of the Earl of Manton.


Hugh, Earl of Manton has been booked on the Titanic with his wife, manservant and Lady Manton's maid for ages but the Earl arranges for his daughter, Georgiana Grex, who has been rebelling against society by trying to get women to have the vote, to get a booking at the last minute. They board the ship, and Lady Manton is instantly inhospitable to Muriel Batley, wife of the earl's employee, John Batley. A further rift is caused between the pair when Lady Manton tells Mrs Batley about her blood roots back to Ireland, which she mocks. Meanwhile, romance blossoms between Georgiana and the handsome son of an American millionaire, but everything is put aside when the ship hits the iceberg. As the Mantons look for a lifeboat that is not full, things do not look good as, although Georgiana is put on a boat, Lady Manton refuses to leave her husband.

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