The First Class Smoking Room, located on A Deck off the Aft Grand Staircase landing was a "late night" lounge where 1st class male passengers could congregate. It was considered by many to be one of the grandest and most expensive rooms on the ship, decorated with dark mahogany wood with intricate carvings and inlaid mother of pearl patterns, red and blue linoleum tiles, stained glass windows, with the interior windows being electrically illuminated from behind. At the center of the room was a large marble coal-burning fireplace, the only working fireplace on the ship. The room was U-shaped to vent out smoke from the fireplace and smoke from cigars, which were imported.

The room was exclusively for men, a place to socialize and discuss matters of business, smoke, drink, and play games of chance (except on Sundays). It was serviced by a small bar, and a revolving door granted direct access to the portside Veranda cafe and Palm court. The room was open from 8am to midnight. The bar opened at 8:30am and closed at 11:30pm daily. It was in this room that William Thomas Stead quietly read a book during the sinking. Also in this room, standing at the fireplace, was the ship's designer Thomas Andrews reportedly seen here shortly before the ship foundered; this story, which was published in a 1912 book (Thomas Andrews: Shipbuilder), came from John Stewart, a steward on the ship who in fact left the ship in Lifeboat 15 at approximately 1:40 A.M. However, a contradictory account by Cecil Fitzpatrick places Andrews on the bridge just before the Titanic sank.

This picture shows the smoking room as it will be seen in the brand new video game Titanic: Honor and Glory.

Wreck Edit

The raised roof and walls of this room were torn away with the 4th funnel deckhouse. The back wall of the 2nd class entrance remains. The turbine uptake was also torn away from this room.


A diagram showing the 1st class smoke room wreck

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The smoke room in Titanic: Honor and Glory

THG - First Class Smoking Room
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