The Titanic had a total of over 350 First Class Staterooms.

Boat Deck

On the Boat Deck there were 6 Staterooms labeled "T", "U", "W", "X", "Y", & "Z".

A Deck

A Deck single berth cabin used for single men

On A Deck there were 35 Staterooms.

B Deck

On B Deck there were 102 Staterooms all styled in different periods.

The most expensive cabins were located here: B-51, B-53 and B-55 were all connected by a private promenade, idem for B-52, B-54 and B-56. The even numbered cabins were used by Bruce Ismay, the odd numbered cabins were booked by the Cardeza family. Based on photos of the RMS Olympic, B52 was styled in the Empire style. B56 was possibly styled in Old Dutch.

C Deck

On C Deck there were 148 Staterooms.

D Deck

On D Deck there were 50 Staterooms.

E Deck

On E Deck there were some First Class staterooms on the starboard side, but alternating with Second Class Saterooms.

Popular Culture

The Promenade Suite was painstakingly reconstructed for the 1997 film Titanic. In the film, the DeWitt-Bukater family is booked in B-52, B-54, and B-56. B-56 was Rose and Cal's Stateroom. If you notice in the videos below, numerous bouqets of flowers can be found in the bedrooms. They were likely delivered to their staterooms on Sailing Day as a congratulations on their recent engagement and Bon Voyage gift. After Wednesday April 10th they are put in silver vases and placed around the rooms. One passenger recalled there was so many flowers on board she said Titanic was "a ship full of flowers". Nothing but the best and freshest for 1st-Class Passengers. All staterooms will also be shown in the upcoming video game Titanic: Honor and Glory.

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