Rendering of the forecastle deck

The Forecastle deck was the forward most deck on a ship.

On Titanic it was located at B Deck level. The deck was accesed by two staircases at the after end of the deck, coming from the Forward Well Deck. This deck had the base of the foreward mast, and cargo hatch no.1. This deck included capstans, bollards, winches, the central anchor, anchor chains, the breakwater and the anchor crane. The forward end of the deck was blocked by a curved railing and the forestay for the forward mast.

The forecastle deck began to submerged, as seen in Titanic (1997)

The forecastle deck was 106 feet long. This is the most photographed part of the wreck.

RMS Olympic[edit | edit source]

The forecastle deck remained relatively the same throughout Olympic's career. However, it was originally built without a skylight for the crew's galley but a skylight was added there later.

HMHS/RMS Britannic[edit | edit source]

Britannic's forecastle deck remained similar to Titanic's.

Wreck[edit | edit source]

The forecastle deck is pretty much intact except the cargo hatch No. 1 was popped off the ship when it hit the ocean floor. The hatch cover can be found a few feet in front of the ship. The mast was bent backwards and damaged the bridge superstructure. The mast has sagged and deteriorated in recent years.

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