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A possible appearence of Gamin de Pycombe in the 1997 Film Titanic

Gamin de Pycombe is an French Bulldog owned byRobert Williams Daniel. Which he had recently purchased for £150 (the equivalent of about $18,960 in 2020). Gamin de Pycombe was confined in the dog kennels under the responsibility of carpenter John Hutchinson. Gamin de Pycombe did not survived the sinking.

Another possible appearence of Gamin de Pycombe, running across the deck in the 1997 Film Titanic

At some point during the sinking, someone decided to free the dogs from their kennels, including Gamin de Pycombe, leading to a pack of excited dogs racing up and down the slanting deck as the ship went down.

Gamin de Pycombe swims past Rose and Jack in one of the deleted scene of the 1997 Film Titanic

Some accounts stated that Gamin de Pycombe was last seen in the water swimming for his life after the ship went down.

After the sinking, Daniel made compensation claims for his lost dog. He claimed $750 for the loss of his pedigree bulldog.