There were two prominent Gatti's Waiters in the 2012 Miniseries Titanic.

Episode 3Edit

They were first mentioned by Fifth Officer Lowe in the beginning of the episode, when he realized Paolo Sandrini was going to be the only Italian steward of the Titanic to not work in the A la carte restaurant.

Later, they were mentioned again, this time by Bruce Ismay that "good many Italians were coming".

Their first appearence was when the ship was sinking. They all asked Sixth Officer Moody the way to the lifeboats in Italian, but he didn't understand them.  Ismay had them locked away in a storage cupboard.

When Moody asked steward Turnbull what happened to the Italians, Turnbull replied they were "safely under lock and key".

When Mario Sandrini caused an uproar among the Third Class passengers (who were trapped by Turnbull), he was added to the prisoners.

At the end of the episode, Paolo tried to get his brother out of there, but he didn't have the key and the water was rising dangerously high when the episode ended in a cliffhanger.

Episode 4Edit

The waiters from Gatti's restaurant are still locked up in a storage cupboard with Mario Sandrini. Mario's brother Paolo tries to get them out, but he needs a key.

Suddenly, Peter Lubov arrives at the corridor. He's actually looking for Jim Maloney's runaway daughter Theresa, but Lubov happens to be a locksmith and opens the lock. However, the door doesn't open: the water has risen this high that the pressure prevents any motion. All waiters join forces and with their combined strength, they open the door and escape the cupboard just in time. They make it to the deck, only to find no lifeboats. Mario Sandrini is the only one who made it to Collapsible B to survive.

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