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Gilbert Milligan jr Tucker (November 3rd, 1880 - February 26th, 1968) was a First Class passenger of the Titanic. He escaped the sinking in Lifeboat 7


Mr Gilbert Milligan Tucker Jr., 31, was born November 3rd, 1880, the son of author Gilbert Milligan Tucker (born August 26th, 1847, died January 13th, 1932) and his wife Sara Edwards Miller, they were married June th, 1877. Gilbert Jr. had a sister Margaret Cleveland Tucker. The family lived in Albany, New York where the children were born. Mr Tucker, Sr. was the editor of The Country Gentleman and author of "Our Common Speech" written in 1895. Gilbert, Jr. a graduate of Cornell University was also an author.

Tucker had travelled with his parents and sister to Europe but during their travels he met Margaret Hays who was touring Europe, with Olive Earnshaw and Lily Potter.

On the Titanic[]

Tucker, a bachelor, immediately fell for Margaret and when she prepared to return to America he left his family tour to spend more time with her. Appointing himself as their unofficial escort Tucker and the three ladies boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg, he occupied cabin C-53.

After the collision with the iceberg Gilbert Tucker helped the three ladies into lifejackets at the landing on C deck; they then went to the boat deck where they were all permitted to board lifeboat 7.

Later Life and Death[]

Margaret Hays kept in regular contact with Gilbert Tucker after their rescue but chose to marry Dr. Charles D. Easton, a Rhode Island physician in 1913. She passed away in 1956.

Gilbert Tucker married Mildred Penrose Stewart in 1922.

Gilbert Tucker Jr. died February 26th, 1968. He was cremated at the Little Chapel By The Sea Pacific Grove, California and his ashes were interred Albany Rural Cemetery, New York.