Grand Staircase was one of the main First Class areas aboard the RMS Titanic. It was an opulent staircase spanning six decks (Boat Deck to E Deck), continuing through to F Deck as an ordinary stairway.

After the ship sank, it was discovered that Titanic's Grand Staircase had never been photographed, so people started to re-use some images of Olympic's Grand Staircase instead. Slowly, several well-known images are claimed to be from Titanic, while they are all from Olympic.

The walls were wood-panelled, with several iron-and-gilt-bronze balustrades and wooden fixtures such as pineapples and cherubs. A large wrought-iron glass dome topped the staircase, brining in daylight. It was located between the first and second funnels.

The A Deck landing had a magnificent clock, flanked by the oak-carved allegorical figures of Honour and Glory crowning Time. 

Behind the staircase there were three lifts going from A Deck to E Deck, operated by four lift attendants: Frederick Allen, William Carney, Reginald Ivan Pacey & Alfred John Moffett King. The lift attendants knew the ship well, and could provide directions to passengers. They all died in the sinking.

The Grand Staircase could be acessed from the exterior via the port and starboard vestibules (which led in from the Boat Deck), and from the First Class Promenade which had doors leading into the A Deck landing. It also provided access to the First Class Reception, located on the foot of the stairs, and the Purser's Office on the C Deck landing. The A-Deck landing also featured a corridor leading into the First Class Lounge. The First Class Cabins areas were all connected to the different levels of the Grand Staircase.

On the aft section of the ship, there was the Aft Grand Staircase, a smaller and somewhat less ornate staircase, but otherwise strongly resembling the Grand Staircase. Titanic split in two right behind the aft staircase, but a large chunk of the aft staircase dome is still intact in the debris field at the wreck.

There is a life-sized replica of the [front] Grand Staircase in Titanic Belfast.

The upcoming video game Titanic: Honor and Glory also features the Grand Staircase. 

Wreck Edit

The 1st Class Staircase was completely destroyed. The stairs to the decks were not found because the stairs completely imploded when the bow hit the bottom of the ocean. However, a chandelier that used to be in the Staircase was seen hanging from the ceiling in the expedition.


The Titanic's Grand Staircase was never photographed before she sank.