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The Heart of the Ocean (also known as Le Cœur de la Mer) is the name of a fictional 56-carat blue diamond featured prominently in the 1997 Film Titanic.

Heart of the ocean necklace2

Heart of the Ocean prop

It is said to originally be owned by Louis XVI and shortly after his execution in 1793, the diamond disappeared and was recut into a heart-like shape, known as "The Heart of the Ocean." Caledon Hockley purchased the diamond for his fiancée, Rose and presented it to her. Later, Rose shows the necklace to Jack Dawson and requested that he drew her with only the necklace. After undressing, a naked Rose wearing the necklace posed on the sofa in front of Jack, who drew a sketch of her pose. Once the drawing was finished, they put the sketch and the necklace into Cal's safe. When Rose and Jack return to her suite after having fled Spicer Lovejoy he meets them outside the door, chastising them, taking hold of Jack's arm and stealthily dropping the necklace into Jack's coat, undetected. As they enter the room they are confronted by Cal, who claims Jack has stolen the necklace. In a short search of Jack, the diamond is found in the coat he is wearing. Jack's pleas of innocence are thrown in doubt when it is discovered that he has "borrowed" the coat he is wearing to sneak into first class, and he is branded a thief.

During the evacuation of the ship, Cal opened his safe to retrieve his valuables, including the necklace which he put in his pocket. When they found Jack and Rose, Cal put his top coat on Rose, forgetting that the necklace was in its pocket.


During her arrival to New York City on RMS Carpathia, Rose discovers the necklace in the coat and held it for the rest of her life.  After the sinking of the Titanic, Nathan Hockley claimed from an insurance company a compensation under terms of absolute secrecy.

In 1997, treasure hunter Brock Lovett searched for the necklace within the wreck of the Titanic, believing that it is more precious than the Hope Diamond. Initially disappointed when not found in Cal's safe, they examine a drawing found in the safe, dated the day the Titanic sank. The woman in the picture, Rose, contacts Lovett and is flown to Akademik Mstislav Keldysh where she relates the story of her trip.

Convincing him that the necklace was lost, the following night Rose walks alone to the stern of the salvage ship and lets it fall from her hand and into the water above the wreck of the ship.

Deleted Scene[]

The scene appears when Ross throw the Diamond into the sea and Brock at first distraught and tries to stop her. She allows him to hold briefly before throwing it into the sea. At first, he despairs at the loss and then surrenders and laughs at what he feels was treasure and it’s implied that the real treasure he finds is her granddaughter, Lizzie, as he asks her to dance which she happily accepts.


  • The Heart's 56 carats would put its weight at only 56 * 0.2 = 11.2 grams.
  • If the diamond were real, its worth would be half a billion dollars, not including any additional value its status as a historical artifact associated with both the RMS Titanic and King Luis XVI would bring it.
  • The diamond is modelled on the real Hope Diamond, which is made from Crystalline Carbon, with impurities of Boron dissolved in it.