Henry Birkhardt Harris

Henry Birkhardt Harris, 45, was born in St. Louis, on 1 December 1866. Henry Harris was a Broadway producer and theatre owner. He and his wife Irene Harris boarded the RMS Titanic in Southampton and travelled First Class with ticket number 36973 and in cabin C-83.

Henry did not survive the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

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Harris was the son of William Harris Sr., a founder of the Theatrical Syndicate in the 1890s. He had a brother William Harris Jr. Harris worked for his father in the theatrical business in Boston for a number of years before starting out on his own producing plays in 1901. He managed such stars as Amelia Bingham and Robert Edeson. He leased and managed the Hudson Theatre in New York and in 1911 built the Folies Bergere Theatre.

Among the other First Class Passengers was his friend John D. Baumann.

Work Edit

Selected plays produced by Henry B. Harris

  • Soldiers of Fortune (1901)
  • Strongheart (1905)
  • The Lion and the Mouse (1905)
  • The Chorus Lady (1906) (*made star of Rose Stahl)
  • The Struggle Everlasting (1907)
  • The Traveling Salesman (1908)
  • Pierre of the Plains (1908)
  • The Third Degree (1909)
  • Such a Little Queen (1909)
  • The Arab (1911)

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