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In Search of the Titanic (originally called Tentacolino) is an animated film released in 2004. This film is a sequel to the 1999 animated film The Legend of the Titanic.


A group of friends find themselves inside a bathysphere and awake in Atlantis. With the help of the King of Atlantis, they do their best to recover the Titanic.


Inside a bathysphere, Don Juan, Elizabeth, Smile, Top Connors, and Ronnie have begun exploring the ocean depths in search of the sunken wreck of the Titanic. However, Ice Teeth, a malicious shark who is their sworn enemy, along with his shark henchmen, have cut the cable to the Bathysphere, causing them to sink. The swooned occupants will magically awake in the lost city of Atlantis.

Welcomed by the King of the Court, the heroes undergo a special treatment enabling them to breath underwater. In the meanwhile, Ronnie and Top Connors are approached by other mice and attend a secret meeting where they learn about a plot to steal the Atlantis' longevity elixir. Back on the surface, Ronnie and Top Connors alert Don Juan and Smile to the happening should these mice succeed in their plot. Together, they will reach the king, who, with his own counselors, decide to substitute the longevity elixir with ordinary water. It is then agreed that Top Connors and Ronnie will accompany the felonious mice.

With his accomplices, the big mouse steals the elixir, oblivious to the fact that it has been substituted with water. When the big fellow reaches a large city, he invites the mice's chief to try the elixir. This, however, almost kills him by drowning, as it convinces him to jump head first into the sewers tied to heavy stones.

The Titanic after being rebuilt by the Atlanteans.

As a reward, the king of Atlantis will assist in the Titanic's

recovery, enlisting the help of a gigantic Sting Ray, as well as Smile, our giant, friendly octopus. The king next transports the Titanic to the bay of a secret island.

Factual errors[]

Due to being much more Adulterated than its predecessor to the point of falsifying the facts even more than making them very realistic

  • The Titanic seems to have a bulbous bow, in reality, the Titanic did not have a bulbous bow.
  • Morse code can't be made with using a set of alphabet letter keys, it can only be accomplished by using a single straight key.
  • Bathysphere didn't exist in 1915. The first one was used in 1930.
  • The two halves of the Titanic were never sealed back together. Neither was the entire ship relocated from the bottom of the Atlantic to any other place, especially not to the shore of a secret island.
  • Life vests can't save you from drowning when you are traveling a couple miles down the depths of an ocean.
  • Also when Razor Teeth is sending the Morse code letter he does it with clams with letters painted on them with jellyfish tied together. This is clearly not possible at all.
  • It's not possible to fire a cannon underwater without getting the gun powder and fuse wet.
  • Actually the Titanic Wreck was discovered in 1985 not in 1915