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And so they're lived together for 300 years... in the land of Tír Na Nóg... A land of eternal youth and beauty...

—Irish Mother to her kids

The Irish Mother is an unnamed Irish third class passenger who boarded the Titanic with her young son and daughter. She was seen as a recurring character throughout the film. She was portrayed by actress Jenette Goldstein.

Role in the film[]

Irish Mother with her kids finding thir cabin

Come with me, darling. Let's go.

—Irish Mother

She is first seen with her children, looking for their stateroom upon boarding the ship. They pass by Jack and Fabrizio while roaming.

Irish Mother and her kids waiting their turn to get into the boat deck

What are we doing, mommy?"
"We're just waiting, dear. When they finish putting the first-class people in the boats... they'll start with us and we ought to be ready, won't we?

Irish Little Boy and Irish Mother

When the Titanic sank, they were waiting for the third class main gate which was being locked, her little son asked her what do we were doing, she replied that after the crew finish to loaded the first class passengers into the lifeboats, it was their turn and told her children to stay calm.

Irish Mother lulling her kids in their cabin

It seems that the three of them managed to get onto the boat deck, but all the boats had been launched. Desperate, she brought her children back to their stateroom and put them to sleep while she telling the fairy tale "Tale of Tír Na Nóg". The three of them died in their stateroom.

David confirmed on Twitter that she and her children will be in his movie "Doom of a Luxury Vessel", even including a photo of a recreation of their cabin set


  • Even though she is a recurring character, she and her children have never met Rose in person, thus keeping them from appearing during Rose's dream scene.
  • It seems that she was based on Margaret Rice, an Irish widow who traveled with her five young sons on the Titanic and all died. Margaret's last appearance was when she despaired that all the lifeboats were gone, and brought her five children to the benches on the boat deck / A deck as the water rushing towards them.