Johann Isidor Büchel was a businessman of the White Star Line. He operated in Buchs, St. Gallen, Switzerland.


He started his career on July 24th, 1910 in the emigration company in Buchs.


In early 1912, he was given a number of Third Class tickets for Titanic's maiden voyage. He sold those tickets for 170 Swiss francs (£8 13s 3d).

Ticket Passenger
Ticket 315083 Ivan Strilic
Ticket 315084 Marija Cacic
Ticket 315085 Jelka Oreskovic
Ticket 315086 Petar Calic
Ticket 315087 Manda Cacic
Ticket 315088 Jovan Dimic
Ticket 315089 Luka Cacic
Ticket 315090 Jeso Culumovic
Ticket 315091 Jego Grga Cacic
Ticket 315092 Tome Pokrnic
Ticket 315093 Jovo Calic
Ticket 315094 Luka Oreskovic
Ticket 315095 Mate Pokrnic
Ticket 315096 Marija Oreskovic
Ticket 315097 /
Ticket 315098 Nikola Lulic

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