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Dear Mabel... If I may... I have taken the liberty of enclosing my will, which you see has been properly witnessed by two of the passengers. I don't believe it matters whether or not they survive. I haven't much to leave, but there is a small house in Reading, presently let, which I think should see your father out of difficulty. It comes with my best wishes for your continued health.

Yours respectfully,
Kenneth Barnes.

—Kenneth Barnes' Letter for Mabel Watson

Kenneth Barnes is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. He is the manservant of the Earl of Manton. He is played by Lee Ross.

Episode 1[]

Kenneth Barnes is first seen when he and Lady Manton's maid Mabel Watson help loading suitcases of their employers for the train journey to Southampton.

On board the ship, Barnes asks if he and Watson are with the other servants and valets. He heads over to Emma Sägesser, who says she's with Mme. Aubart.

After dinner, Mabel starts to read, but Barnes snatches her book away and throws it to other servants, who all prevent her from getting her book back. Mabel pleases a servants to give it back, but he starts to read out loud. Barnes tries to stop it, but one servant rips a page half off. Annie Desmond puts a halt to it, and Barnes gives back the book.

Later, they make up the bed for the Manton's. Barnes tries to apologize to Mabel again.

That Sunday night, Barnes gets to know about an iceberg collision and heads over to the Manton's cabin.

Once reunited with Georgiana, the group heads out to Second Class to avoid the masses in First Class. They pass the Purser's Office, where loads of passengers ask for their jewelry. Lady Manton is relieved she kept her jewels with her. Suddenly the Batley's, who found their way up to First Class, find the Manton's, and Muriel heap abuses on Lady Manton about her 'aristocratic' behavior. Lord Manton tries to make her shut up, but his efforts are in vain and John Batley has to push her wife away.

Barnes follows his boss everywhere he goes, and when they find one of the collapsible's, Lady Manton makes a shocking revelation: he knew about Hugh's secret all along and she refuses to board the lifeboat. Georgiana suggests they all stay together, but her boyfriend Harry Widener literally drags her into the lifeboat and then steps back. Hugh desperately wants her to survive, and Louisa has yet to decide when the boat is on the verge of being lowered and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

Episode 2[]

Episode 3[]

Episode 4[]