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Lifeboat 14 (foreground) at the Carpathia with Lifeboat 11

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Shootings at Lifeboat 14: a movie screenshot

Lifeboat 14 was the fifth boat to be lowered from the port side, after 6, 8, 12 & 16. Fifth Officer Lowe took charge of the boat. About 30-32 passengers were in it and there were ten or eleven crewmen and two stewardesses; probably no more than 45 in total when lowered. Chief Officer Wilde was, according to George Crowe & Joseph Scarrott, also in the vicinity[1].

Lowe thought that the crowd began to be unruly and men threatened to jump into it, so as a matter of precaution, he fired a few times in the air with his gun when the boat was lowered away. Nobody was hit. People heard the shootings, however, and it may turn out that those who heard it thought that people were shot and killed. One young man had tried to enter the boat and been thrown out and either him or another man was threatened by officer Lowe, at gunpoint.

When the boat was near the water, there was some sort of trouble and they let the boat drop three or four feet, which apparently led to the boat springing a leak and water started pouring into it, and some ladies had to take care of that problem.

Later in the night, they encountered boats 4, 10, 12, and Collapsible D and Lowe decided to distribute his passengers among the others boats, wanting to go back to the wreckage to see if he could save people in the water. It is believed that eight or ten crew remained, as well as second class passenger Charles Williams, whom Lowe took for rowing before the boat was lowered away (Williams would later claim that he had been swimming around in the water, yet officer Lowe's testimony proves that Williams entered the boat from the deck). Rowing into the area, No. 14 encountered few left alive: First class passenger William Hoyt was hauled in but died, a Chinese third class passenger was rescued as well as steward Harold Phillimore. There may have been a fourth person rescued, even though some in the crew thought there were three saved and one died and another crew member said they found four, but two died. After having rescued these people, they spotted the swamped collapsible lifeboat A and took the few people from it into boat 14. There were perhaps a dozen people on boat A. No. 14 reached the Carpathia, after 7 o'clock in the morning, with perhaps 28 or so people on board.

Based on a summary by Peter Engberg

Passengers & crew on boardEdit

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Lifeboat 14 forms a small flotilla with another lifeboat, possibly 10 or 12, in A Night to Remember.

  1. Edith Eileen Brown
  2. Elizabeth Catherine Brown
  3. Clear Annie Cameron
  4. Ada Maria Clarke
  5. Marjorie Charlotte Collyer
  6. Charlotte Annie Collyer
  7. Sara Rebecca Compton
  8. Mary Eliza Compton
  9. Selena Cook
  10. George Frederick Crowe
  11. John Morgan Davies
  12. Elizabeth Agnes Mary Davies
  13. William Harder
  14. Frederick Harris
  15. Eva Miriam Hart
  16. Esther Ada Hart
  17. Laina Heikkinen
  18. William Fisher Hoyt (passed away)
  19. Bertha Ilett (transferred to lifeboat 12)
  20. Fang Lang
  21. Louise Laroche
  22. Simonne Marie Anne Andrée Laroche
  23. Juliette Marie Louise Laroche
  24. Amelia Lemore
  25. Alice Adelaide Louch
  26. Harold Godfrey Lowe (in charge)
  27. Madeleine Violet Mellinger
  28. Elizabeth Anne Mellinger
  29. Ida Daisy Minahan
  30. Lillian Mae Minahan
  31. Meier Moor
  32. Beila Moor
  33. Frank Herbert Morris
  34. Adele Nasser (possibly)
  35. Harold Charles William Phillimore
  36. Emilio Ilario Giuseppe Portaluppi
  37. Alfred Pugh
  38. Edward Ryan
  39. Joseph George Scarrott
  40. Thamīn Tannūs
  41. Thomas Threlfall
  42. Ellen Wallcroft
  43. Ralph Lester Wells
  44. Joan Wells
  45. Addie Dart Wells
  46. Charles Eugene Williams

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Lifeboat launching sequence

  1. Crowe wasn't sure if the senior officer he saw was the Chief or the First, but Murdoch was never near Lifeboat 14
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