Lifeboat 15 was the eighth boat lowered from the starboard side. The boat was partly filled from the Boat Deck, partly from A Deck. Apparently, quite a few crew got in at the Boat Deck, then it was lowered to A Deck. Steward John Hart stated in the British Inquiry that he had guided a group of 25 women and children to this boat. He may well have been the leader of a small group, although none has been found, as yet, who said they were part of such a group. Three card sharps from first class seem to have found seats in the boat, there may have been a second class gentleman in it and the rest of the passengers from third class.

Steward Samuel Rule said in the British Inquiry that there was something of a rush when the officer had said they could fill the boat up with men standing by. There is no evidence of anyone using a gun near this boat. August Abrahamsson and Johan Sundman said everything was calm and orderly when they got into it and Juho Niskanen and John Strandén reported that the crew told them to stay out of it, but they simply joined the crew when they manned the boat and were not told to get away from it.

There seems to have been very few women in/near boat 15. Trimmer George Cavell said there were only women passengers in this boat and five crew and the boat was full. Samuel Rule thought there were 68 in it, including five women and three children, i. e. 60 men. Charles Dahl thought there were 82 people in it, including eight women and seven children and trimmer Pelham also said the majority in the boat were men. It seems likely steward Rule was close to the truth; he testified at the British Inquiry, but he was recalled a few days later and was more or less forced to take back what he had said.  The boat nearly came on top of Lifeboat 13 when lowered away but disaster was avoided at the last moment. It is reported that it took boat 15 some time to get away from the ship, perhaps as much as 20 minutes. They rowed away as fast as they could and picked up nobody from the water. Boat 15 was probably about the tenth of eleventh boat to reach the Carpathia.

Based on a lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

Passengers and crew aboardEdit

  1. Abraham August Johannes Abrahamsson
  2. Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà
  3. Edvin Rojj Felix Asplund
  4. Lillian Gertrud Asplund
  5. Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund
  6. James Albert Avery
  7. Percival Albert Blake
  8. Emma Bliss
  9. George Henry Cavell
  10. William Clark
  11. Frederick Horace Crafter
  12. Charles Edward Dahl
  13. Margaret Daly
  14. Guillaume Joseph De Messemaeker
  15. Frank Dymond (in charge)
  16. Alfred Frank Evans
  17. Luigi Finoli
  18. Walter Francis Fredericks
  19. Elin Matilda Hakkarainen
  20. Walter Stamford Halford
  21. Mubārik Sulaymān Abī Āsī Ḥannā
  22. George Harris
  23. John Edward Hart
  24. Oskar Arvid Hedman
  25. Hildur Elisabeth Hirvonen
  26. Helga Elisabeth Lindqvist Hirvonen
  27. Harry Homer
  28. Ivan Jalševac
  29. Oskar Leander Johansson Palmquist
  30. Harold Theodor Johnson
  31. Eleanor Ileen Johnson
  32. Elisabeth Vilhelmina Johnson
  33. Carl Jonsson
  34. Eiriik Jussila
  35. Manca Karun
  36. Franz Karun
  37. Percy Edward Keen
  38. John Kennedy
  39. Arthur Ernest Read Lewis
  40. Eino William Lindqvist
  41. Nikola Lulic
  42. Thure Edvin Lundström
  43. Margaret Madigan
  44. Hannā Mikā'īl Māmā
  45. Catherine McCarthy
  46. Karl Albert Midtsjø
  47. Bridget Elizabeth Mulvihill
  48. Walter Henry Nichols
  49. Henry Noss
  50. John Pearce
  51. Ernst Ulrik Persson
  52. Arthur John Priest
  53. Samuel James Rule
  54. John Stewart
  55. Johan Julian Sunsman
  56. William Henry Taylor
  57. Albert Charles Thomas
  58. Benjamin James Thomas
  59. Fred Toms
  60. Anna Sofia Turja
  61. Hedwig Turkula
  62. William Henry Törnquist
  63. David Vartanian
  64. William George White

Popular cultureEdit

In the 2012 Miniseries Titanic, Mary Maloney and her children escape in this lifeboat. Unlike the actual sinking, the series made it look like Murdoch had trouble keeping the passengers away from the lifeboat.

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