Titanic lifeboat 8

Lifeboat 4 (empty) with lifeboat 6

Lifeboat 4 was the eighth boat to be lowered from the port side. The boat had been lowered from the Boat Deck to A Deck and there was some trouble before passengers could start entering it. Some of the socially most well-known ladies were gathered around the boat; the Astors, the Carters, the Wideners and the Thayers. When John Jacob Astor asked whether he might join his wife in the boat, seeing as she was in a "delicate condition", he was stopped from doing so. Women and children only. When John Ryerson, age 13, was about to enter it, Second Officer Lightoller is said to have tried to stop him, as he was old enough to stay with the men. He was let in, in the end. Eventually, about 30 passengers, mainly ladies from first class, but also some from second class, including Mrs. Richards with two small sons and also her mother, were in it. Quartermaster Walter Perkis was put in charge and there were two other seamen with him. When lowered away, at least one more crewman came down the falls and while they were trying to get away from the sinking ship, rather close to the end, eight crewmembers were plucked from the sea; Alfred White, Thomas Dillon, Frederick Scott, Samuel Hemming, Frank Prentice, Andrew Cunningham, William Lyons and Sidney Siebert; the two last ones so overcome with cold that Sidney died in the boat shortly after having been hauld aboard; while Lyons died on the RMS Carpathia on April 16th. With now more than 40 people on board, they received another five or six from boat 14, to which they had been attached. When 14 left them, they went, together with boat 12, to rescue those on boat B and received another 6 or 8 people from that boat and reached the Carpathia late, with perhaps 55 living survivors on board.

Based on a lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg


Over 40 people (including the ones dragged up from the water) escaped in this lifeboat. Those were:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 8.27.26 PM

Lifeboat 4(right) after being launched while D(left) is loaded around 1:55 AM.

  1. Madeleine Talmage Astor
  2. Rosalie Bidois
  3. Grace Scott Bowen
  4. Lucile Polk Carter
  5. Lucile Carter
  6. William Thornton II Carter
  7. Carrie Constance Chaffee
  8. Victorine Chaudanson
  9. Virginia Estelle Clark
  10. Florence Briggs Cumings
  11. Andrew Orr Cunningham
  12. Thomas Patrick Dillon
  13. Caroline Louise Endres
  14. Elizabeth Mussey Eustis
  15. Margaret Fleming
  16. John Foley
  17. Amalie Gieger
  18. Anna Hämäläinen
  19. Samuel Emest Hemming
  20. Ida Sophia Hippach
  21. Jean Gertrude Hippach
  22. Elizabeth Hocking
  23. Ellen Hocking
  24. William McCarthy
  25. Adele Nasser
  26. Walter John Perkis (in charge)
  27. Frank Winnold Prentice
  28. Thomas Ranger
  29. Emily Richards
  30. William Rowe Richards
  31. Sibley George Richards
  32. Emily Maria Ryerson
  33. Emily Borie Ryerson
  34. Susan Parker Ryerson
  35. John Borie Ryerson
  36. Frederick William Scott
  37. Auguste Serreplan
  38. Martha Stephenson
  39. Marian Longstreth Thayer
  40. Alfred White
  41. Eleanor Widener

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