Lifeboat 7 was a wooden starboard lifeboat and the first one to be lowered from the sinking Titanic. Although there was a capacity of 65 people, it left with only 28 people on board, thus with 37 empty seats. The reason why was that many women and children were reluctant to enter a small wooden lifeboat and preferred to stay on the massive 'unsinkable', but sinking, Titanic.

Quartermaster Rowe saw the boat in the water from the aft bridge. He was still on duty like nothing happened and was forgotten by his colleagues. But when he spotted the lifeboat, he rang the bridge to ask them if they knew that a lifeboat was launched at starboard side. Next thing he knew he was on the bridge with a box full of pyrotechnic distress fireworks, and the first one was shot at 12:47 A.M.

Occupants[edit | edit source]

There were 28 people in Lifeboat 7, including these 26:

  1. Dickinson H. Bishop
  2. Helen Bishop
  3. Henry Blank
  4. Paul Romaine Marie Léonce Chevré
  5. Harriette Rebecca Crosby
  6. Catherine Elizabeth Crosby
  7. Olive Earnshaw
  8. Antoinette Flegenheim
  9. Dorothy Winifred Gibson
  10. Pauline Caroline Gibson
  11. William Bertram Greenfield
  12. Blanche Greenfield
  13. Margaret Bechstein Hays
  14. George Alfred Hogg (in charge)
  15. Archie Jewell
  16. Pierre Maréchal
  17. James Robert McGough
  18. Alfred Nourney
  19. Alfred Fernand Omont
  20. Lily Alexenia Potter
  21. Frederic Kimber Seward
  22. William Thompson Sloper
  23. John Pillsbury Snyder
  24. Nelle Snyder
  25. Gilbert Milligan jr Tucker
  26. William Clifford Weller

In Popular Culture[edit | edit source]

Lifeboat 7 is seen being launched in quite a few of the films, all the way back to the first films.

In the 1912 German movie In Nacht Und Eis, a few sailors are seen preparing a lifeboat marked with a No. 7.

In the 1953 movie, an officer calls with a megaphone for able bodied men to help free a lifeboat. As it turns out, Lifeboat 7 has rope issues, but Giff Rogers climbs down the rope and frees the lifeboat. But as he is climbing back on board Titanic, he slips and falls into the water. Despite this, he is pulled aboard and helps the seamen row.

In the 1958 movie, Lifeboat 7 is shown when a hysterical woman is being loaded on board. We see it again as it is rowing away, with boats 5 and 3 being lowered. What is noticeable in these boats is that they are only leaving half full.

In the 1996 mini-series, Lifeboat 7 is correctly shown as the first boat launched where the Foley's enter the boat with Hazel's dog Charlie. What is inaccurate is Alice Cleaver and Trevor Allison boarding the lifeboat. (They actually escaped in Lifeboat 11)

In the 1997 movie, while Lifeboat 7 is correctly depicted as the first lifeboat launched, it is incorrectly depicted as nearly spilling its passengers into the Atlantic, a process that actually occurred to Lifeboat 5.

In Ghosts of the Abyss the Lifeboat 7 appears briefly when Murdoch begins to charge it and when it is lowered.

In the 2012 miniseries, Lifeboat 7 is depicted as the second forward starboard lifeboat to leave the Titanic with Lifeboat 1 being the first. In reality, Lifeboat 7 was the first to leave.

Fictional Occupants[edit | edit source]

  1. Charlie
  2. Alden Foley
  3. Hazel Foley
  4. Lulu Foley
  5. Gifford Rogers

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Lifeboat 7 is prepared in Ein Nacht Und Eis (1912)

Lifeboat 7 is being lowered in 1953 Titanic

Lifeboat 7 rows away, while Lifeboat 5 (left) and Lifeboat 3 (right) are lowered in A Night To Remember (1958).

"I'd rather die I tell you!"

Lifeboat 7 is being loaded in Titanic 1996

Lifeboat 7 is being lowered in Titanic 1997

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Unknown lifeboat

Lifeboat launching sequence

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