Lifeboat 9 was the fifth boat to be lowered from the starboard side. Chief Purser McElroy, First Officer Murdoch and Sixth Officer Moody seem to have supervised the loading of this boat together. Boats 1, 3 , 5 and 7 held only passengers from first class besides the crew. In boat 9, the situation changed. Mrs Futrelle had been separated from her husband a bit earlier on in the night and had ended up near No. 9 into which she stepped. She believed there were about 30 people in it, including 17 crewmen; she thought they were stewards and cooks. Mrs. Aubert and her maid also entered the boat and apparently, Mrs. Aubert was in somewhat of a state during the whole rescue operation. Some ladies from second class were assisted into the boat by the six or so stewards that Purser McElroy had ordered into the boat to help passengers. When no more ladies were to be found in the vicinity, some men passengers were let in. Edward Beane had helped his wife into the ninth boat, and seeing there was room, he joined her in the boat; in a long interview in the Syracuse Herald, he said the boat was only half-filled and that he had had to jump into the sea and swim for a long time to reach it. Yet, this was not so, since boat 9 picked up nobody from the sea. He and a few other gentlemen simply entered the boat from the deck. In all, there seem to have been over 40 people in it; twelve ladies, six or seven men passengers as well as perhaps 18 male crew members.

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From right to left, boats 9,11,and 13 are swung out to be loaded in A Night To Remember.

Based on a lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

Passengers & crew on boardEdit

  1. Léontine Pauline Aubart
  2. Allen Marden Baggott
  3. George Andrew Brereton
  4. Kate Buss
  5. Joseph Charles Chapman
  6. Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett
  7. Albert Haines (in charge)
  8. Aragõa Drummond Harrison
  9. Alice Herman
  10. Kate Herman
  11. Jane Herman
  12. Franz Kasper
  13. Fanny Maria Kelly
  14. George Kemish
  15. Mary Conover Lines
  16. Elizabeth Lindsey Lines
  17. Juha Niskänen
  18. Harry Oliver
  19. Julian Padron Manent
  20. George Francis 'Paddy' McGough
  21. Emili Pallàs I Castelló
  22. William Chapman Peters
  23. Richard Paul Jozef Pfropper
  24. Benoît Picard
  25. Rosa Pinsky
  26. Encarnación Reynalds
  27. Charles Hallace Romaine
  28. Marion Elsie Smith
  29. Juho Niilosson Strandén
  30. Thomas Albert Street
  31. Emma Sägesser
  32. George Terrill Thresher
  33. Ellen Mary Toomey
  34. Jessie L. Trout
  35. William Ward
  36. Robertha Josephine Watt
  37. Elizabeth Inglis Watt
  38. Charles Whilems
  39. Isaac George Widgery
  40. Marion Wright
  41. Walter Wynn
  42. Harry Yearsley
  43. Edward Beane
  44. Ethel Louisa Clarke

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Lifeboat launching sequence

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