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Lift attendants or lift stewards are crew members who operate the main elevators of a ship. Passengers often consult them for directions, so they have to know the ship well.



First Class elevators of the Olympic, very similar to the ones of the Titanic

The Titanic had 4 lift attendants, each serving an elevator on board the ship. Reginald Ivan Pacey served the elevator at the Second Class Staircase, the others worked at First Class' Grand Staircase. They guided passengers to the accommodations and all died in the sinking. They all slept in the Second Class Stewards' Room on E-Deck, and ate on break and sometimes on the job. These are the men who were part of the elevator crew:

Popular culture[]

S.O.S. Titanic (1979)[]

Who was that?"
"The lift boy".
"The lift boy?"
"I mean he runs the elevator. I think he'd much rather be out here playing games, but he can't".

Leigh Goodwin and Lawrence Beesley

The 1979 Film S.O.S. Titanic featured one lift attendant: Alfie King, obviously Alfred King. More information about the portrayal is on Alfred's page.

Titanic: Adventure out of Time (1996)[]

The 1996 PC game Titanic: Adventure out of Time featured only one unnamed lift attendant. This lift attendant is seen behind the Grand Staircase and can take Carson (the character which the player controls) from A to D deck. The player can also turn to the lift attendant to ask directions to various locations on the ship. If the player decides to take the lift, the lift attendant will engage in small talk with Carlson whilst inside the lift.

The lift attendant is not seen after the collision with the iceberg nor is available on the game's tour mode. Thus, the lift is not operational in those scenarios.

Titanic (1997)[]

The 1997 Film Titanic had all four lift attendants, one was credited as Elevator Operator, the others was uncredited.

The Elevator Operator was portrayed by Sean Nepita. Two of the elevator operator appeared during the boading at Cherbourg scene.

Attendant 1[]

Before the sinking, the lift attendants operating the elevators when Jack & Rose rushed into the lift, laughing while they were chased by Lovejoy. The Elevator Operator was standing inside the lift, the other lift attendant quickly closed the gates so the elevator could descend. At that moment, Lovejoy arrived at the lift, but he was too late and received 'the finger' from Rose. He had to take the stairs to get after them.

After the ship struck the iceberg, the lift attendants were ordered to keep the elevators closed. The Elevator Operator stayed at the lifts. Nevertheless, Rose pushed the Elevator Operator into the lift and ordered him to take her down to E-Deck so she could rescue her boyfriend. When they arrived on E Deck, they saw it was already flooding, and the water came into the lift. The Elevator Operator wanted to go back up immediately, but Rose left the lift, which went back up without her.

Attendant 2[]

Before the sinking, Attendant 2 was also at the main lift. When Jack and Rose scrambled inside he had to quickly slam the door. Milliseconds later Lovejoy slammed against the gate.

After being asked by an assistant of Steward 3, he later helped keep the steerage passengers down. When the gate was opened for the women, the lift attendant held one side of the gate. Then Steward 3 ordered to lock the gate again, so the lift attendant closed his side of the gate. Then Tommy yelled in his face.

Attendant 3[]

He first appears at Cherbourg.

Later, as Cal, Ruth, Trudy, Rose and Ruth's maid came upstairs, he seemed drunk, awkwardly stumbling and churning past Cal.

Hours later during the final plunge the lift operator was on the starboard side of the Boat Deck as it began to plunge underwater.