Lucile Polk Carter years after the Titanic disaster

Lucile Polk Carter was born October 20th, 1898; the daughter of William Ernest and Lucile Carter. She also had a brother William Thornton Carter. The family lived at Bryn Mawr, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Carter's boarded the Titanic at Southampton Ticket #113760 as first class passengers. They also bring their two Servants. They occupied cabins B-96 Through B-98.

Lucile, her brother, and mother were rescued in Lifeboat 4. Her father escaped in Collapsible C.

Lucile later married to Samuel J. Reeves. They had a daughter (the later Mrs. Clinton W. Trowbridge) and a son, David Reeves who lived in Wayne, Pennsylvania. At the time of her death, she had six grandchildren and was residing in Charleston, South Carolina.

Lucile died at her daughter's home in Summerville, South Carolina on October 19th, 1962. She was buried at Valley Forge Memorial Park, Pennsylvania.

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