The Maid's and Valet's Saloon was where the servants of First Class passengers ate. It was located on C Deck, near the Aft Grand Staircase.

The servants had 4 daily meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner. This is clearly shown in the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. It was all very simple, but they had their own pantry next door, which was connected to the First and Second class Galley on the deck below. The Postal Workers and Marconi Operators Saloon was next door on the other side.

The only other popular culture to feature the Maid's and Valet's Saloon so far is the upcoming video game Titanic: Honor and Glory.

On Britannic, this saloon was completely removed and replaced by First Class cabins. This room was moved to D Deck where the hospital used to be

Wreck Edit

The forward end of this room was torn away from the ship with the forward tower section. The rest of the room was folded back onto the stern.

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